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Lal Bagh Palace in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Situated in South Asia, home to more than 160 million people, the rich cultural diversity adds to Bangladesh’s rich tapestry. Fairly young in the timeline of nations, Bangladesh has had a long history, offering much to its people and also to an ever-growing and changing world.


Daniel McCrohan, author of renowned travel books, highlights the warm and welcoming nature of the Bangladeshi people in his article on the Lonely Planet. He writes, “if you’re happy to leave behind your home comforts and willing to get out and explore, this beautifully green and wonderfully welcoming country could be one of the most fascinating places you ever experience.”


Tempted? Join us as we guide you through the beautiful country of Bangladesh…

First, a little bit of history

Bangladesh’s history runs deeply through the veins of its citizens and a love for the republic stems from their connection with the environment. The name itself, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, carries with it, the historical implications of the nation’s existence. Traversing a long path of struggle for independence, Bangladesh became what it is known as today in 1971 through the vigilant efforts of a nation with a profound connected identity.


In less than 50 years since, the country has made its mark as one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia and the world. It is an upcoming global economic leader and has made a name for itself in the textile industry.

Get ready to embark on your adventure!

For the explorer in you, Bangladesh has significant offerings from beautiful views of the flat, watery rice paddies to the breath-taking scenery of the hill tracts. The country is home to many hidden gems and natural wonders. Sketching more than 120 kilometres, the longest uninterrupted natural sea-beach, Cox’s Bazaar. The beach offers visitors a chance to go surfing and enjoy a variety of luxurious stays, making Bangladesh an especially unique place to explore.

Boat on the banks of a river in Bangladesh.
A mountainous forested jungle region in Bangladesh.

Are you a Wildlife Person?

If you enjoy spending time in nature and are enthusiastic about capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments, the thickly forested jungle and marshy wilderness awaits your arrival! Canopying the world-famous Bengal tiger, elephants, and large fauna, Bangladesh is brimming with biological diversity, reflecting the country’s globally renowned wildlife. 


Visit local botanical gardens and other animal sanctuaries and discover yours and Bangladesh’s role in wildlife conservation.


Home of the Western Hoolock Gibbon, Clouded Leopard, and world’s biggest cow Gaur, a vast number of flora and fauna are what aide in making Bangladesh such a fantastic place for experiencing wildlife.

Or a Mountain Lover?

Discover Bangladesh from the mountain top of the world-famous trekking route of the Chittagong Hills. The popular hiking track of Keokradong is one of the country’s highest peaks. Climb on top and witness scintillating view of the country. You can also enjoy mountain-hiking experiences with the locals to gain an enlightening perspective of Bangladesh.

Thalassophile, anyone?

Featuring the largest riverine delta intersected by the thick green tapestry of nature, the beaches of Bangladesh are blessed with Mother Nature’s splendour.

In Cox’s Bazaar, you will be visiting luxurious resorts on the longest, natural, uninterrupted sea beach on earth with a fascinating horizon to glance at. Purchase engraved seashell crafted by locals and learn how to surf while enjoying a relaxing time at the beach.



Do you happen to be a Tea Connoisseur?

Explore the lush tea gardens which are a staple in the Bangladeshi diet. Tea is an intrinsic feature of the local culture, transcending boundaries and unifying the people. Learn how to pick tea and make the most delicious cup as you tour the flat lowlands of the tea gardens of Sylhet. 



Lady picking tea leaves in Bangladesh.
Traditional fish curry.

A complete gastronomic treat

Shaped from diverse cultural heritage and river-line demographics, the cuisine of Bangladesh has many distinct flavours. A blend of Persian, Turkish, and Arabic cuisines, popular among the citizens, has created a unique palate within the people of Bangladesh. The multi-course Bengali cuisine has a place of its own, be it sweet or savoury, you will be amazed by the variety and genius of the local culinary artists.

Seasons and Festivals to enjoy

Bangladesh is a vibrant country, which gives you not just one, but myriad chances every season – Bangladesh has seven! – to celebrate with its hospitable people, with colour, delectable local cuisine, and fun traditions through a variety of social, historical, and religious festivals. Delve into the culture as you discover the unique features and festivals of the seven distinct seasons. 


The country’s yearly calendar is highlighted by celebrations of traditional Muslim festivals of Eid (Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha) and the biggest Hindu community festival of Durga Puja. Celebrate Pahela Baishakh, national holiday marking the New Year of the historic Bengali calendar. 


The people have great attachment to their language, martyrs of the freedom struggle, the father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman fondly called “Bangabandhu,” which means friend of Bengal, bravely fought to preserve the ancient language that the people continue to speak today. 

Explore the cultural heritage

The culture of Bangladesh is characterised by the legacy of Mughals, music icons, theatre and folklore. Another great aspect of Bangladeshi culture is traditional clothing and tribal dances. Put together, these various cultural assets map out the traditions, practices, and origin of this beautiful country known as Bangladesh.

Wish to go beyond?

Take a flight of a couple of hours and get a chance to experience the majestic views of Mountain Everest in Nepal. Nestled between several South Asian countries, Bangladesh opens roads and routes for various popular tourist attractions such as Thailand, China, the Middle East, Indonesia, or India. 


Feed your curiosity and desire for worldly knowledge by taking advantage of the centrality that Bangladesh can provide.

Traditional Bengali drum.
View of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and the Buriganga River.

From adventure to serenity, from frenetic cities to tranquil tea plantations, from unparalleled gastronomic delights to the elegant hospitality of the people… Bangladesh offers a rich sampling platter of what South Asia has to offer. It may be far from your home country but hope you can make it your home away from home. After all, it has something to offer to every individual. 


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