The mission of the library at Smart Innovations School is to enrich and support the school community. This entails providing a 21st Century learning environment in which a love of reading is fostered, the effective and ethical use of information and communications technology is promoted, and the intellectual potential of each student is supported. The school library is the cornerstone of a healthy community and plays a vital role in students’ schooling. It serves as a central hub for learning and gathering, while providing resources to help students achieve academic success.


Our school library actively promotes the philosophy and fundamental concepts of the IB Programmes. These include structured inquiry, holistic education, communication, intercultural awareness and international mindedness. The library aims to facilitate curriculum delivery, and reading for enjoyment, by providing current and relevant resources for the school community. Through collaboration, the library partners with the SIS community to empower students in becoming life-long learners, problem solvers, and responsible citizens.


The library system supports the instructional program of the school by providing materials to reinforce, enrich and extend classroom learning experiences. The librarian functions as a cooperative member of the teaching staff, a consultant on the use of materials and a teacher of those library skills which help students develop competency in the independent use of resources.


To this end, the librarian seeks to balance curriculum with recreational needs by selecting books of high appeal, as well as those which will stretch students’ minds and stimulate them to further inquiry.


For library Policies and Procedures, see Student Handbook.



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