Our Team

Smart Innovations School


Vice Principal

Experienced Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, developing and displaying exceptional skills in English Language teaching, team building, employee training and leadership. Ms. Maryam is a certified teacher of TESOL from London Teachers Training College and a certified teachers’ trainer from  University of Cambridge. She is also validated by British Council as a trainer for teachers and leaders. With a focus on Primary and Secondary Education under National and International Curricula, and more than two decades of experience, Ms. Maryam is recognized as a Global teacher for ESL and an able leader for schools, with the capability of making the learning journey fun for students and resourceful for teachers . She is the winner of ‘Woman of Influence’ Honour in London and ‘Global Teachers Award 2020’, along with Best Principal Award and ‘Iconic Teacher award’ from Dubai and India respectively.


PYP Educator

Md Rezuan Chowdhury is a dedicated and experienced educator who serves as the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator at Smart Innovations School With a passion for fostering holistic development and a deep commitment to nurturing young minds, Mr. Rezuan plays a pivotal role in shaping the PYP curriculum and ensuring its seamless implementation.

Bringing 13 years of educational experience to the role, Mr. Rezuan Chowdhury is an enthusiastic advocate of inquiry-based learning and the PYP philosophy. He works closely with the teaching staff to align classroom activities with the PYP framework, promoting critical thinking, creativity, and international-mindedness.

Mr. Rezuan’s collaborative spirit, innovative mindset, and dedication to the principles of the PYP make him an invaluable asset to the smart Innovations School  community. His commitment to nurturing well-rounded, curious, and compassionate learners is evident in every aspect of his work.

He completed his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration and began teaching in the IB in 2011. He believes in sharing and learning through research in education, and his articles “Impact of COVID on Online Teaching Platform: Study on IB Curriculum in Bangladesh”,  “Impact of E learning in the education sector: Challenges and prospects of collaboration in remote learning” and “Best Practices and challenges in school based professional development in the schools of Maldives and Bangladesh” have been published in the USA ,Malaysia and Maldives respectively. He has led several students and teachers workshops globally. Mr Rezuan is passionate about making students agentic learners.


PYP Educator

I am Shabnam Bivhor, a dedicated educator with a decade of experience in kindergarten teaching, where I have catered to diverse learners with distinct needs. Additionally, I served as a Bangla teacher in a Primary school. My profound enthusiasm lies in nurturing our youngest learners, guiding them to progress academically, socially, linguistically, and motorically. Each day, I embrace the challenge of fostering growth within my student community, cultivating a positive and enjoyable learning environment. To me, teaching early learners is a profound endeavor, as I firmly believe that their initial encounter with education should serve as an inspiration for their future academic achievements. Apart from my passion for teaching, I cherish moments spent with family and friends, indulge in reading, and relish pursuits like music, arts, and crafts.


PYP Educator

I am Nishat Rahman, a Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher at Smart Innovations School with over 20 years of experience in teaching. Over the course of my career, I have worked with children of different age groups in a primary school setting in several countries, including United Kingdom, Egypt, The Netherlands, and Canada. In Bangladesh, I worked at many reputed international schools. At Smart Innovations School, I first held the position of Homeroom Teacher for Preschool before moving to my current position as Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher. I have a Master of Science degree from Dhaka University, and I hold significant teaching certifications, such as NAMC International Montessori Teaching Diploma from Ottawa, Canada (2018)- Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training Program; and BTEC National Certificate in Early Years Childhood Education from Stockport College in Manchester, United Kingdom (July 2001-July 2003). My teaching positions in Manchester and The Hague focused on working with special needs children. I am very passionate about working with children and building confidence in their skills. I specialize in identifying my students’ needs and tailoring the curriculum to match their needs. To do this, I craft thought provoking lessons that challenge, engage and inspire my students. I incorporate the latest teaching strategies and methods to design the curriculum. I work collaboratively with parents and colleagues to ensure my students are supported and successful learners. It gives me tremendous joy to see my students flourish and achieve their full potential.


PYP Educator

I am an IB, PYP facilitator having PYP teaching experience for around six years. In addition, I have been a teacher for more than 20 years in several prestigious English medium schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh, throughout my professional journey. I am incredibly passionate about teaching and enjoy spending time with children to explore their potential.

As I continue to accept lifelong learning, I have learned more about teaching and improved myself to meet the requirements of a teacher in the twenty-first century. Hence, after accomplishing my M.Com in finance, I completed BEd (Bachelor of Education), MEd (Master’s in Education), and IDTT (International Diploma in Teachers Training). I also participated in 2 Category 3 workshops (PYP Creating a Curriculum for trans disciplinary learning in August 2022, Investing Inquiry in October 2019), 1 Category 2 workshop (PYP Assessment in October 2017), and 2 Category 1 workshops ( Making PYP happened in the classroom in October 2012 and Induction to the PYP in September 2011). 

I am international-minded and fond of learning new things. I learned Spanish Language from the IML of DU. My leisure activity is playing violin and cello. I also adore reading books. My favorite authors are Paulo Coelho, Haruki Murakami, and Kahlil Gibran.

I have my child, spouse, and my mother in my family.


EYP and PYP Educator

I am Sabiha Rahman, an accomplished elementary school educator driven by a fervent commitment to empowering children with special needs to thrive and flourish. My academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eden College, complemented by a rich teaching career spanning over two decades in esteemed English medium schools in Dhaka. Within this trajectory, I have had the privilege of serving at Ali Banat Academy as a Class teacher and Head of the special needs children unit, allowing me to establish a nurturing and encouraging educational setting for my students.

My core belief is rooted in recognizing the distinct strengths and capabilities present in every child. As such, I diligently tailor my instructional approaches to cater to their individual needs and foster their inherent interests. By crafting dynamic and purposeful lessons, I aim to ignite curiosity, creativity, and self-assurance within my students. To ensure optimal outcomes, I actively collaborate with parents, colleagues, and other professionals, orchestrating a cohesive and comprehensive support system for my learners.

Witnessing my students triumph over challenges, achieve their objectives, and uncover their true potential fills me with immense joy and gratification. It is through this transformative process that I find my purpose and fulfillment as an educator


EYP and PYP Educator

Thomas Alfred holds a Degree in Diploma of Sound Engineer from India. He has over 24 years of professional musical experience as a music educator and has over 33 years of professional performer, recording musician and composer/arranger. He went on to serve as a music teacher for several international curriculum systems including the Bangladesh International Tutorial, Australian International School, American Standard International School, William Carrey International School and Grace International School where he meets up Curriculum map. Thomas was also used to teach Instrumental music at Australian International School. He used to coordinate Winter Concert and End of year Concert of his Campus as well. He used to lead different yearly cultural programs. Thomas is also very involved in music technology. He produces his own recordings, covering a wide range of music. Thomas concentrates his teaching activates lesson instrumental teacher. Thomas is a multi-instrumentalist and master class instructor. He is an IB Educator, experienced on various curriculums with Ib PYP curriculum as well. He has experienced on Music composition and playing Piano, Keyboard, Organ also different types of percussion instruments. He has a passion for all styles of music as a vocalist including Folk, Pop, Rock, Funk, blues and more! Thomas has performed on stages across Bangladesh with his Rock Band and with National solo performers. Thomas has a long experience on Church Choir. He has experienced to be a part of the team as a background music composer of a short film named (Komlapuran) which has got the best short film award from the Dada Saheb Phalka in 2017. He was a loud and proud finalist in the Benson and Hedges Start Search Competition 2000. He learned Piano from a Catholic Reverent Father John and learned eastern classical song from Pandit Shadhon Sarkar and Ustad Shibu Pado Das. His main focus in teaching is to transfer the joy and love of music to others.


PYP and MYP Educator

Mr. Wahid joined Smart Innovations School as a Teacher Librarian & Bangla Language and Literature Facilitator. He has twelve years of experience in the education field. He has completed his B. A. and M.A. in Bengali Language and Literature, M.A. in Information Science and Library Management, and B. Ed.  He worked as a Head Librarian in a renowned IB PYP and  DP Authorized World school. He is teaching as a Coach of the School Library Course offered by the Liferarian Association (India).

In his career of teaching, he has taught both Primary and Secondary Students and he focused on teaching the amazing diversity of the Bengali language through Inquiry-based learning and creating thoughtful lessons to develop conceptual growth as a critical thinker.